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Mark Weisberg, Ph.D., ABPP was born and raised in Minneapolis Minnesota, and returned there after 15 years of undergraduate and graduate training.

Mark’s career journey has led through an unusual variety of settings. He was a Phi Beta Kappa, cum laude graduate of Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.  He was already learning through clerkships at hospitals and clinics by then. Before completing his doctoral clinical psychology training, he pursued a position working in a kidney dialysis and transplant hospital.  While there, he did research which eventually helped hospital staff determine which patients were most suitable for the different types of dialysis treatment, based on personality and family characteristics. He completed training in neuroscience and neuropsychology at various hospitals and training programs during this time. (click to download Dr. Weisberg's Curriculum Vitae)

After completing his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, he moved back to his hometown of Minneapolis and took a position with a behavioral medicine clinic with a major medical center.  While there, he provided psychological consultation and liaison to Departments of Orthopedics, Cardiology, Rehabilitation and Chronic Pain as well as other medical units. He also worked in an outpatient mental health clinic during this time.

Once completing his psychology licensure, Mark was invited to join a new and innovative group. The Minnesota Head and Neck Pain Clinic had just been founded by a group of dentists, physicians and orofacial surgeons looking to bring an comprehensive approach to treating headache, TMJ and other head and neck pain.  Mark was instrumental in bringing an integrative mind/body approach to the clinic, which has now been thriving since 1984.  Dr. Weisberg became one of the co-owners of this clinic a few years ago. Mark’s role in this innovative clinic was featured recently in the APA Monitor. (click to view the article)

During this same 20 year period, Mark has also maintained a thriving outpatient private practice, continuing his training and practice in multimodal psychotherapy, synthesizing the best of psychodynamic, systems, hypnotic, cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, and paradoxical approaches.  He still provides supervision and consultation for both newer and more experienced psychologists.

In the mid-1990’s, Dr. Weisberg passed his written and oral requirements to earn Board Certification in Clinical Health Psychology through the American Board of Professional Psychology.  This is the highest level of accreditation possible for clinical health psychologists, and Dr. Weisberg was only the second one in Minnesota to attain this level of accomplishment.

More recently, Medtronic Corporation (international designer and producer of high-tech medical devices such as internal defibrillators and spinal stimulators) approached Dr. Weisberg to lend his expertise in mind/body medicine in helping patients with implantable cardiodefibrillators. Mark has stayed on with Medtronic as a consultant, designing research programs and clinical strategies to help patients with serious cardiac arrhythmias.

In the summer of 2004, Dr. Weisberg and a colleague were invited to give a Grand Rounds at one of the first mind/body medicine hospitals in the United States, located on Waimea, Big Island, Hawaii.  He met with Earl Bakken, founder of Medtronic, and discussed strategies for maximizing effectiveness of mind/body treatments in community hospitals.

Because of his interest and expertise in psychophysiological aspects of chronic pain, Dr. Weisberg is sought out by law firms to provide expert forensic testimony in personal injury cases. 

Some of Dr. Weisberg’s credentials and professional memberships include:


updated 04/26/15